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Our Basic Tune ups should be performed 2 times a year

Currently, our level one tune ups can be performed at no cost to the homeowner

It includes the following




Why do I need a Tune up?

Per Air Aconditiong Contractors of America: "Conducting regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance, and remediation of HVAC systems prolongs equipment efficiency, promotes healthy clean air, supports lower utility costs, guards against unexpected failures, and prolongs equipment life. Occupants and the environment will both benefit." 

A maintenance contract is a cost effective way to ensure that an HVAC system receives optimal maintenance in a timely and professional manner. 

No Scheduled maintenance:

  • Can result in 

Excessive operation during periods of suboptimal performance and efficiency

Unexpected equipment failure during peak seasons that cost more to fix than they would have cost to prevent

  • Can be caused by

Uneducated homeowners

Lack of well defined, profitable maintenance program

  • Can be addressed by

Educated homeowners/end users

Developing and following a well defined, profitable maintenance program

What is included in my service contract

-2 maintenance calls per year

-service call at no charge

-Upon entering into a service contract with Airtopia, we kindly request that you refrain from engaging other technicians or handymen to work on your HVAC system. Unauthorized interventions may result in unintended technical errors and potentially foster practices that are not aligned with energy-saving standards. We have meticulously implemented best practices in line with industry standards to optimize the efficiency of your AC system. Allowing external parties to perform work may compromise the effectiveness of the measures we've put in place.

Your cooperation in adhering to this guideline is greatly appreciated, as it ensures the longevity and performance of the HVAC improvements we've made for you.

Why is changing my air filter important

Air filters that show excessive foul can result in increased resistance to airflow across the hating and cooling equipment. This reduces equipment efficiency and capcity. It also results in more extreme temperature difference between the room air and supply air. This increases stratification and temperature variations in the house. It can also incrase fan energy use.

It can be caused by poorly designed filter systems. Most filters and return grilles are undersized and installing a "higher efficiency" filter which removes smaller particles further reduces airflow. It can be caused by poor fitler maintenance.  

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